Why Chose SKZ Vending Solutions

  • Hands-On Experience in the Vending Business.
  • We don’t just sell machines, we provide training and support.
  • Within 3 years we’ve grown to a leading family owned vending company.
  • We offer the best ADA compliant equipment, and parts.
  • We only sell what we use in our own vending business.
  • Our machines are field-tested for quality.
  • Offer location assistance and replacement parts.
  • Buying direct from US will cut cost. There is NO Middle Man.
  • We offer a “healthy machine” conversion option.
Our Equipment
Our Products

BEWARE! A Word of Caution For those entering the World of Vending!

Before starting your own vending business, make sure to buy your vending machines from those who actually use it.

We offer FREE Business Coaching for our Customers!

We know the challenges of starting your own business. We will share our knowledge, experiences, in order to guide you along the way.