SKZ Vending Solutions

What are the advantages of starting a vending business?

The following are some of the reasons as to why you should consider starting a vending business:

We Walk the Talk.
Unlike other vending machine distributors/manufacturers who are just there to sell you a machine, we know how to build a successful vending business starting from your home. We are a living testament. We ourselves started from home! With just three vending machines from our garage and grew from there.

We Only Sell What Use.
We use the machines ourselves. As a result, we will be able to relate to exactly what the end-user is going through with our machines. We know how to operate the machine from the inside out, therefore allowing us to provide accurate mechanical and testing support. We are an All-In-One Vending Machine Specialist because ever since we started, we have only used these kinds of machines. Therefore, any questions you may have about the SKZ Machine, we will have the answers!

SKZ vending machines are field-tested. They are being used within our own vending operations and are constantly upgraded to the newest technology. Our machines are ADA Compliant, NFC/Credit Card Capable, Bluetooth Mobile Payment Capable. In addition, our machines are versatile; and compact everything-3-in-1 machines which provide numerous options for the consumers (from snacks, entrees, canned and bottled drinks), while having a user-friendly platform for the operators to easily maintain and refill the machine. The facilities where the machines will be placed will save space and energy.

Due to the increase in obesity and diabetes, and other health concerns that plague the American population, it is imperative that as vending operators we are able to adapt to the needs of our customers and be flexible in providing healthy choices in the vending machine. By doing so, the vending operator will be able to capture a larger market share, and provide a greater customer service.

Through our personal business coaching, we will be teaching you how to properly locate profitable locations. We will teach you how to systematize, and be self-sufficient in marketing your vending services, which will save you money from hiring locators. If you do choose to use a locator, we ourselves can do that for you at a minimal fee Let us know which area you want your machine be placed, and we will have our team help you find a location that best suits your business needs.

Absolutely. As long as there are hungry employees/workers in the staff room with not much time to go out and find food, then our vending machines will always be in need.

No, there are no licensing, trademark or royalty fees.

It really depends on the consumption rate and on how much foot traffic the location gets where you place the machine. But usually, for a high volume location, you will need to refill the machine at least once a week.

It usually takes about 20-45 minutes to completely replenish the machine. It may take longer if you need to change the items, change the prices, and do some cleaning of the machines.

When you purchase a machine from us, we will be providing you a program that our vending company has been using to track our sales, inventory and calculate your profit margins for each vending machine that you have.

In addition, we have partnered up with a couple of vending software providers that you have the option to use as well.

Our Credit Card Capable machines are equipped with a monitoring system that will provide operators the total gross sales (cash and credit), sales activity of each selection, and many more, in which all can be accessed through your computer or your mobile device.

Yes. SKZ Vending Solutions focuses on providing our operators with a machine that has 42+ selections for their customers. This will give consumers plenty of options while making sure products are being sold.

We recommend our operators to purchase resale products from their local wholesale clubs where they can purchase these items at a discounted price. In addition we will give you locations of other recommended wholesalers in your area where you can buy other branded products.

It is recommended, but not necessary especially for those just starting. However, we would highly recommend that use a truck/van if you have more than 5 locations to service because you will need to be able to carry the products effectively from one location to the next.

In the beginning you may not need any employees, especially if you are servicing less than 10 locations. However, as you grow as a business, it is recommended that you get extra manpower to sustain the quality of the service you promised to your customers. This is why we recommend family or business partners to work together, so you are not doing everything by yourself.

Absolutely! We want and need you to succeed. Just give us a call. We believe in long term business relationships. Once you made your first vending machine purchase you will become part of the SKZ family. And we promise you that we will do everything in our power to make you successful. But you will need to do your part and meet us half-way and be willing to do the work necessary to make your vending venture a success.

Although you will receive all the instructional videos, and business coaching by phone, you will have the option to shadow us and receive hands-on training when you come to our headquarters. From there, we can show you how we operate and help guide you in making improvements to your vending business.

We are more than happy to work with what works for you and your current financial situation. We highly recommend that you start with at least three vending machines, so that you can have two machines in the field and one for back-up. Obviously, the more machines you have placed in high yielding locations, the more potential you have to make money.

In any unfortunate event that your machines arrived to you with damages due to shipping, SKZ Vending Solutions will take care of that issue and get you a new one as soon as possible (please note: limits apply).

Yes. We are now the suppliers for any vending machine parts manufactured by Genesis (who is no longer in business)—especially those from the Office Deli. Call us, and we can provide you a reasonable price.

Yes! According to Section 179 of the United States IRS Code, as a new vending operator you are eligible to receive tax deductions. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

Majority of the initial investment from our operators/owners comes from either cash, or leveraging from their credit card. By using your credit card you will be able to use the bank’s money and start your vending business without having to pay upfront. It truly depends on your financial situation and risk tolerance.

Please contact us and we will guide you throughout the whole process. Whatever your business goals are, either from starting from your own garage or you dream to have your own fleet of trucks and a warehouse, we are here to help you! Grow your business with SKZ Vending Solutions!