SKZ Vending Solutions

SKZ Vending Solutions prides itself on branching from SKZ Vending, Inc., a vending company with a reputation of great customer satisfaction. We will continue to provide exceptional services and products to our customers. 

We are not your ordinary vending distributor and here’s why:

We Walk the Talk

Unlike other vending machine distributors/manufacturers who are just there to sell you a machine, we know how to build a successful vending business! We ourselves started this business from home and grown it into a successful enterprise.

We Only Sell What We Use Ourselves

As a result, we will be able to relate to exactly to what the end-user might be experiencing with our machines. We know how to operate the machine from the inside out, therefore allowing us to provide accurate mechanical and technical support to the customers. We are an All-in-One Vending Machine Specialist because ever since SKZ started, we have only use these kind of machines. Therefore, any questions you may have about the SKZ Vending Machine, we will have the Answers!

Best Price for the Highest Quality Machine.

Unlike our competitors with unimaginable soaring prices, we offer a reasonable price for our machines because we deeply value the success and business relationships with our customers. NOT just the one-time deal!

Consistently Innovating

SKZ who are operators themselves know exactly what the market needs, especially for the new breed of consumers who are now actively using their mobile devices as a way of purchasing items. Therefore, SKZ offers machines that are capable of cashless payment such as e-Port technology with Debit/Credit Card and NFC capability.

SKZ Vending Machine Parts

Available at a very Reasonable Price. SKZ will ensure there will be plenty of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts available for their customers. In an event that a vending operator will need part(s), SKZ will expedite the process of shipment to avoid downtime in their vending operation.

Low-Cost Maintenance Machines

SKZ machines are designed to be DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type of machines. Therefore, vending operators will be able to fix and maintain machines without the need of hiring expensive technicians.

We Will Take Care of You Like One of Our Own

We are a family-owned business. We carry our family values of integrity, and taking care of our customers to our fullest ability and making sure no one is left behind. You are not just a number, you are one of us. We will be sharing our experiences and business knowledge to make you a success in the vending industry.