SKZ Vending Solutions

Express Combo Refreshment Center

Innovative Design with Snacks, and Drinks

225 snacks, 150 beverages

621 lbs

37.75” Width,

74.5” Height,

31.3” Depth

Other models available upon request


Check out the upgrade options below:

skz vending machine
product line at skz vending solutions, vacaville, ca

Healthy Vending Option

There is a huge demand for “healthy food alternatives” in vending machines, that is why natural foods companies are increasing their product choices. In addition, companies like Frito-Lay and others are adding healthy snacks to their product line. As vending consumers continue to choose healthy snacks over traditional (and unhealthy) snack products, manufacturers will continue to introduce new healthy snacks for the vending industry. Not only can our vending machines can be converted to a “healthy vending option”, you can also order custom graphics to stand out from the crowd.

instruments for skz vending machines

NFC (Near Field Communication) Payment or Google/Mobile Wallet Capable

Allows cash-less payment without a credit/debit swipe.
“Option to Tap or Swipe Your Credit Card”

DEX (Data Exchange) Capable

nutrition panel for skz vending, vacaville ca

Nutritional Guide Info Capable

In cooperation with the latest technology, the machine provides nutritional guide information that is in compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA).

LED Lighting System on Snack, Drink, and Entrée Units